Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bacolod Night Life: Mu Shu

I often visit Mu Shu Asian Restaurant and Lounge, usually to dine out with my family or to meet up and hang out with my friends.

I love their food, especially the Java Spareribs and Hainanese Chicken which goes perfect with their mixed fried rice. They also have Mu Shu pork dishes like Glazed Pork Spareribs, Crispy Garlic Spareribs, Pork Satay and more!

If we’re not dining at Mu Shu, we usually go there after dinner to chill out and enjoy the Bacolod night life. Since it opened, Mu Shu is the popular hang out and party place in Bacolod City, especially for the younger crowd.

Mu Shu serves a diverse choice of cocktails and drinks. I especially like their Strawberry Margarita which you can order by the glass or by the pitcher. For group or barkada gimmicks, their cocktails like the Mango Margarita, Purple Ninja and Kamikaze, which they serve in a pitcher, are perfect.

Drinks and cocktails would go well with pica pica. I would recommend their mozzarella cheese sticks served with a very delicious dip! They also have a dimsum platter which is very filling and appetizing. If you want to try something new and different, Mu Shu serves pizza with a twist! True to their Asian theme, they offer Hoisin Pork Pizza, Beef Teriyaki Pizza, Chicken Curry Pizza and more. It’s not your typical Italian Pizza but it tastes very good!

So the next time you’re in Bacolod and would like to eat Asian food or sample the Bacolod night life, go to Mu Shu for a total experience. It’s usually the first stop for a night out, with other Bacolod bars and clubs nearby. It’s located just off Lacson Street, Bacolod’s main road, where all the action is. Mu Shu is more like a lounge than a bar though. But during weekends and especially when there’s a party or a special event, it dims it lights and transforms into a club-like venue where a DJ spins the hottest dance tracks and people just dance and have fun.

Mu Shu Asian Restaurant and Lounge

20th Lacson Street, 
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Philippines 6100

Phone: +63(34)435-0972

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