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Mambukal Mountain Resort Bacolod: a tourist destination for nature lovers

Mambukal Resort in Bacolod City is a mountain resort and a popular tourist destination.  It is located just 40 minutes by private car from Bacolod City.  It is actually part of Murcia, a town just after Bacolod, and the resort is owned and managed by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental.

Mambukal Mountain Resort - a popular tourist spot

For locals and tourists who want a relaxing and refreshing experience, Mambukal Resort Bacolod is a great tourist destination especially for nature lovers.  Its location just outside the city, and along the footslopes of Mt. Kanlaon, makes it ideal for those wanting a getaway, a day trip and bonding with nature.  Being 1,200 feet above sea level, Mambukal has a cool and green environment. 
There are many activities that one can do at Mambukal. Day trips and picnics are common but for those who want to stay longer, they have a lodge and cottages for overnight stays.  For those seeking a quiet and peaceful visit, avoid the weekends and holidays as the resort gets really packed.
It has natural hot sulfur springs where one can take a nice dip and have a soothing bath in its healing waters.

Take a dip at the warm sulfur dipping pool

For the more active and adventurous, a trip up the waterfalls is a must.  Mambukal has 7 falls and can easily be accessed by a short trek. 

One of 7 falls in Mambukal

There are guides who can take you up.  Swimming in the waterfalls is a fun and awesome experience.  It is very refreshing especially on a hot summer day. 

Breath taking Mambukal waterfalls

For the more brave, there are some parts of the waterfalls where you can jump into the cool waters below the falls.  

It's more fun in Bacolod Philippines!  

Other amenities and activities include 3 swimming pools, a bath house, boating lagoon, butterfly garden, bird and bat watching, zip line, wall climbing and canopy walk.  They have a convention hall, picnic huts and food kiosks or food court.
A visit to Mambukal can be topped off with a soothing and relaxing massage at The Blade Spa located within Mambukal Resort.  They offer body massage, foot massage, and more. The Blade Spa is beside the hot spring and overlooks the green and scenic natural park of Mambukal.

Getting there

How to get to Mambukal Resort:
From Bacolod City to Mambukal Mountain Resort is a short 40-minute drive by private car passing through Murcia town. Public utility vehicles or buses are available at the northwestern side of the Libertad Public Market. Jeepney trips to Mambukal are also available starting at 7:20 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is about Php35 per person.
There is an entrance fee to get inside Mambukal Resort, 50 pesos for adult, 20 pesos for child, and 15 pesos for light vehicle.

For rates, accommodations, and more information, visit their official website at

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